My overriding intention is to make thought-provoking and eye-delighting images. 
On this site are my paintings and my archival inkjet prints drawn, with a mouse, in Photoshop. Each medium feeds the other: I sometimes use my Photoshop drawing as a basis for a painting, and I often incorporate into the Photoshop drawing images photographed from my painting. Each drawing is one of an extended series in which the sequence of images shows the viewer the evolution of ideas and the narrative within that series. 
The images in my paintings and my Photoshop drawings/prints often refer to the human body—specifically, the female body, that first landscape to greet us when we come into the world. I like to play with line and various textures, especially in the prints. I have been a painter for many years and continue to find painting on canvas (or on Claybord) to be challenging and meaningful. In the last four years I “discovered” Photoshop, and using this medium feels to me like second nature. The speed with which images can be made and evolve into other images; the ability to save prior renditions while the images continue to evolve; the seemingly infinite possibilities of what can be made visible; the ephemeral nature of virtual products, and the easy storage—all of these qualities inherent in working digitally are exciting and stimulating.